How does someone qualify for the program?

You can download the application online by clicking the “forms” links at the bottom of the home page or call for more information. Once an application is submitted and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted and entered into the application process. Upon completion of the application process, a decision will be made by the Executive Director. Admission is based upon our ability to help given the situation, and availability. Those who do not qualify may be referred to other agencies/organizations that may be better focused on her specific needs. The organization does not discriminate with regard to race or religious affiliation.

Where are the young ladies from that participate in any of the programs?

Currently, program participants are come from all across Central Virginia.

How much does it cost?

Participation in The Grace Project mentoring program is absolutely FREE!

How long can a young woman participate?

A young woman enrolled as a participant in The Grace Project, can have access to a mentor for up to 2 years upon entering into the program. Priority is given to applicants who are in the earlier part of their pregnancy.

Does a young lady HAVE to place her child for adoption?

Each participant (irregardless of which program they participate in) will be required to take part in a series of classes which assist in making decisions as to whether to parent or pursue an adoption plan.

In fact, about 60% of young women make a parenting plan while 40% pursue an adoption plan. Regardless of the decision, GHM staff will work diligently to help meet the needs of each client.